A Guide to Mounting Your Flat-Panel TV

You’ve got your awesome new flat panel TV – now it’s time to put it in the perfect spot for the ultimate viewing experience: the wall. Is this the kind of home improvement project you can do yourself? Absolutely, provided you’re comfortable with tasks like hanging framed pictures and mounting shelving. Mounting a flat panel TV is roughly as difficult as those tasks, which aren’t very difficult at all. Are you a pro at using a power drill, measuring tape, screwdrivers, sockets, and ratchets? Even better!

First things first. Most flat panel televisions don’t come with TV mounts included in the box so you’ll likely have to buy a wall mount bracket before you can get started on your DIY adventure. Your new television’s owner’s manual will probably be able to help you choose the right wall mount bracket for your flat panel TV, but if you don’t find the help you need, keep in mind that most wall mount systems have their own TV size and weight guidelines to help you get the right fit. And don’t forget that there is more than one kind of wall mount, so decide what you want yours to do before you buy. TV mounts come in various options including fixed tv mounts, tilt tv mounts, retractable full-motion tv mounts and ceiling mounts.

Once you have your flat panel TV and your wall mount bracket in hand, it’s time to get down to business. Have you chosen a great spot that gives you the best viewing angle and avoids glare? Then let’s get started.

Step 1: Determine the horizontal placement of the flat panel TV mount on your wall. Use a stud finder to look for any obstructions that will keep you from being able to feed your cables through the wall and wall studs as they relate to where your bracket will sit on the wall. At the very least, your mounting hardware should penetrate one wall stud. Heavier flat panel TVs should hit two studs with two anchor bolts on each side.

Step 2: Attach the mounting rails to the back of your flat panel TV so you have a firm idea of where your display will sit in relation to the bracket. Next, use a pencil to mark where the anchor bolts will go through the mount – and if you’re cutting a wall box for cables, mark that, too.

Step 3: Drill pilot holes for your anchor bolts with a small diameter bit. Use a box cutter or sheetrock saw to cut out and install wall boxes for wiring, if necessary. Note: If you’re not comfortable working with wiring or electricity, consider leaving any cabling work to a licensed professional.

Step 4: Use a socket wrench to secure all of your anchors. Make sure they are all secure by giving each bolt a solid twist. Once your flat panel TV’s mounting hardware is secure, you’re ready to hang your display!

This is where having a friend handy is a good idea because some televisions can be not only heavy, but also cumbersome because of size. Maneuver your flat panel TV onto your mounting hardware, make sure your cables are all in place, then check to make sure all of the safety tabs are in position. Even though the weight of the TV will hold it in place on the mount, these locks or tabs give you an extra measure of security that you want with your beautiful new TV.

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