Accessorize Your iPhone: Part 2

If you have an iPhone, you’re probably already aware of what a useful and productive device it is. It comes equipped with a wide range of features, but it can become even more productive by adding some additional accessories to it. The iPhone is an incredible base unit, but when you accessorize your iPhone, it borders on positively mind-blowing.


While the iPhone comes with its own internal speaker, no one is seriously using the iPhone as a music device without headphones – unless they are accessorizing with external speakers. There are a wide range of different speakers available for every model of iPhone, ranging from speakers that double as charging docking stations to sound bar speakers to actual mini-speakers. These speakers are available in a wide price range, making them accessible to anyone’s budget.

FM Transmitters

If you’re not interested in having external speakers hooked up to your iPhone, you might consider getting an FM transmitter to accessorize your iPhone. Basically, an FM transmitter is going to search for “empty” stations that can be used to send a signal from the iPhone to the radio. Some of the FM transmitters that are available also have charging capability, allowing you the luxury of listening to music or podcasts from your iPhone while also keeping your battery from draining.

Bluetooth Accessories

Since many individuals tend to use their iPhones all over town (including in their cars), it is becoming increasingly important to find ways to conduct business in a safe and secure manner. Naturally, driving while holding an iPhone can be incredibly dangerous (not to mention illegal in some areas), but you don’t want to lose business because you can’t be reached. To this end, you might want to examine some of the useful Bluetooth accessories for your iPhone.

One of the useful Bluetooth accessories for your iPhone is a speaker/microphone earbud that allows you to do “hands free” driving, while also conducting whatever business needs to be taken care of. These earbuds offer rechargeable batteries, convenience, and also enable you to take phone conversations without taking your phone from your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Also, the iPhone can be turned into a very efficient and portable note-taking device with the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard. By syncing up your iPhone with a portable keyboard, you can actually use your iPhone more efficiently and more productively than ever before.

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