An Introduction to TV Wall Mounts

When it comes to TV mounts, how you choose to display your flat screen television depends on so many different factors. Your viewing habits may dictate what kind of TV wall mount you choose. For some people, though, looks are the most important factor, and it’s all about how a particular mount will harmonize with the existing décor. If a television will be used as part of a retail or business display, a totally different kind of wall mount may be called for. In the end, it’s up to you, the television’s owner, to decide what kind of mount will provide the best viewing experience, functionality, and profile. But if you’re wondering what other people are buying, we have compiled a list of the five most popular types of TV mounts, as determined by our customers’ buying habits.

Here is an overview of the most popular TV mount types:

Flat TV Wall Mounts:


Arrowmounts Ultra-Slim Fixed Wall Mount for 23 to 37 inch LED/LCD TVs AM-UF2337B

The individuals who choose flat TV wall mounts, which are arguably the most popular type of mount, usually cite the slim profile and simplicity of use as the main factors influencing their decision. While a basic flat wall mount doesn’t offer much in the way of adjustability once it’s hung, there’s no denying that a beautiful flat screen television placed over a mantle or positioned to be the focal point of a living room or den adds that certain something to the décor.

Is it right for you? Choose a flat TV wall mount if adjustability isn’t that important to you or you’ve always dreamed of displaying your television like a piece of artwork.

Tilt Wall Mounts:


Arrowmounts Ultra-Slim Tilting Wall Mount for LED/LCD TVs from 23 to 42 Inches AM-SLT2342B

This type of wall mount is usually chosen by people who value adjustability – and now that there are many slim profile options for tilt wall mounts, they’re gaining huge ground in popularity. We love them for their ability to counter daytime glare and because they let the viewer recline, making them a great choice for a bedroom entertainment setup. Newer tilt wall mounts sit very close to the wall, giving them the same aesthetic appeal as flat TV wall mounts.

Is it right for you? Choose a tilt wall mount if you know that sunshine will impact your TV viewing experience for part of the day but still want your set close to the wall.

Swivel Mounts:


Arrowmounts Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount for 37 to 60 Inch Plasma/LED/LCD TVs AM-P17B

Also known as articulating mounts, these TV mounts provide a wide range of movement in many directions making them perfect for the television and movie lover who wants full control over his or her viewing experience. We think swivel mounts are great because they let the viewer enjoy the same level of picture quality from multiple vantage points in a single room. Glare is never an issue because you can turn the set itself away from the offending light source. TV while lying down? Again, not a problem. For maximum convenience, we recommend choosing a swivel mount that is motorized and can be controlled via remote.

Is it right for you? If you value functionality over aesthetics, you won’t find a greater degree of adjustability in any other TV mount.

Ceiling Mounts:


Arrowmounts Tilt Ceiling Mount for 37 to 60 inch Flat Panel TV AM-C6010B

Long favored by businesses and retail establishments as a space-saving way to attract customer attention or add visuals to presentations, ceiling TV mounts are now becoming a staple of the home viewer who wants to save space or maximize his or her viewing experience. We’ve seen ceiling mounts in bathrooms over tubs and showers, making it possible to get one’s daily dose of media while getting ready to start the day. In bedrooms, they make it easier to watch from under the covers. And in small spaces like studio apartments and dorm rooms, they add value to vertical spaces.

Is it right for you? When you need to mount a TV in a room where space is at a premium or you want to create an eye catching customer display, a ceiling TV mount is the way to go.

Under Cabinet TV Mounts:


Arrowmounts Flip Down Ceiling or Under-Cabinet Mount for LED/LCD TV’s 10″-24″ AM-U01B

Television in the kitchen? Why not! With under cabinet TV mounts, you can cook along with the Food Network without worrying about sauce splashing your laptop. The same goes for watching the fishing channel on your boat or catching a movie in your RV. The best part about under cabinet TV mounts is that they fold up and out of the way when you’re not watching television, making them the most economical TV mounting option in terms of space.

Is it right for you? Anyone looking to save space while mounting a smaller TV will love the convenience of an under cabinet TV mount.

Are you ready to see how a new TV wall mount can optimize your viewing experience? When it is time to buy the perfect TV wall mount for your LED TV, visit us at and check out the mounts and accessories we have to offer. For Additional Questions, Please e-mail us at: or call toll free at 888.488-2635.


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