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Hello, I'm Pez Elias and I am the Founder and CEO of Bundle City, Inc., home of the Arrowmounts brand and a distributor of consumer electronics products, including TV wall mounts, flat screen TVs and general electronics.

A good wired Local Area Network (LAN) in your home and office can provide you with reliable networking capability. Once you have your network set up you’ll be able to share server files, use a network printer, stream audio/video, link PC’s through a network switch and more. Knowing the type of cable to use for your networking project is important. In this article we will outline the differences between network cables used in networking project so it becomes easier to understand which ones to use for each specific project. Continue reading

The POWERQUBE™ is a charging station for portable devices that we recently added to our product lineup and we’re already in love with it. In fact, we even use it for our own personal charging needs. This device lets you charge up to nine devices simultaneously through the use of its three USB ports or six electrical outlets.

The POWERQUBE™ has a great design and is useful when you have to charge a bunch of devices at one time. For example, it can supply power to laptop computers, tablets and phones, as well as a wide range of small electrical appliances. Continue reading

For many people who are comparing cable and satellite television providers, their decision to sign up with a company is often influenced by the company’s home DVR offering. Most companies have similar packages, and prices are always competitive. As people have become accustomed to the convenience a home DVR system offers, this criterion has become more important. For those currently comparing television providers looking through the many DirectTV deals online and Cable bundles shown on TV, here is a comparison of DirectTV’s Genie and cable’s Advanced TV Plus. Continue reading

In the quest to improve the picture quality, LED TV manufacturers have introduced several new technologies to help achieve the sharpness and black levels we’re used to seeing with plasma-based flat-screen TVs. One such improvement comes in the way that LED TVs are illuminated. In this post we discuss the various benefits of the four different backlight methods incorporated in LED TVs. We also explain the differences between “full-array” and “edge-lit” backlighting and also discuss how local dimming can make a difference in picture quality. Continue reading

If you’ve invited friends over to watch the big game on that magnificent new flat-screen LCD, you need to make sure that you’ve got the right mount for the right set. Since not all mounts work with all televisions, nothing is more aggravating than discovering that you need to make a trip back to the store to get the right mount. Ask anyone who works with television installations and they’ll tell you this happens on a regular basis. It’s always a good idea to go about determining which mounts go with which TV before you start setting things up.

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