Now upgrading your older TV screen with 12 volt TV is now more interesting than ever before, because it now gives you more entertainment options while on the move. It doesn’t matter if you drive a mobile home, semi-truck, or an RV, 12 volt tv dvd combo offers great convenience of watching your favorite movie. Another best thing is that many of these units do not need DC to AC power inverter; in fact they come with a straight 12V power cord that plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket.

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12volt TV is now more popular than ever before because of its flexibility and portability. On long trips, this is very convenient for entertainment and fun. Whether you are interested in news reports or a movie freak, having a 12 volt TV DVD combo can solve your all entertainment problems while on the move.

Can we have better option than 12 volt tv to enjoy our trips watching all our favorite shows and movies? I suppose…NO. Moreover, you always have the choice to install this portable Tv in 13-inch, 15-inch or 19-inch screen. Better yet, many of these are flat-screen LCD’s which save you space are HD, so you get the best picture quality possible…! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? In many 12 volt TVs, there is also built-in rechargeable battery (quite effective for 9 inch portable digital TV) and will last for many hours on a full charge.

Whether you are trucking, camping, RVing, or just enjoying the outdoors, 12 volt TV DVD is the ideal choice, plus this handy device is compact and lightweight, thus can be easily packed and taken away anywhere. These televisions are manufactured by some of the best electronics companies in the business, so you don’t have to worry about the purchasing quality. In fact, you will also get minimum one year warranty at the time of buying. As most of these TVs come with built-in DVD players and remotes as well as all the standard features of a regular television, you can enjoy your favorite show movie all in one handy package.

Another best thing is that 12 volt TV DVD comes with AC/DC adapter. So you can watch TV on power source: DC 12V (for Vehicles or Boats) and AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz. Thus, grab this amazing 12 Volt TV DVD and enliven any trip with your favorite televisions shows or movies!

When you’re hiking, you’ve got lots of things to carry about. You’ve got your big backpack behind you and you’ve got a long way to make through. There’s literally no time for any of standard entertainment during the hiking time. But, there are certain conditions, which may happen anytime while you’re hiking. Bad weather is always out there, hunting for unprepared hikers. What do you do when you’re caught inside of your tent?

You can do nothing, except talking to friends, eating, and reading. Or… you can take a 12 volt TV DVD with you and have a great time watching your favorite movies. You can use it both in bad weather and at nights. It’s not that you take the civilization with you, when you wanted to run away from civilization for several days. You just entertain yourself. Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply talk, read, or stare at stars. In fact, you will get even more relaxed, when you won’t have to worry about getting yourself occupied with something.

What about the size of a 12 volt TV DVD? You shouldn’t worry about this. There are really compact models, which have only 9” screens. They are light and comfortable to carry. Just remember to charge them before you leave your home, otherwise it will truly be an odd load. This is a great way to make your hiking time even more fun and entertaining.

A lot of these 12 volt TV DVDs are sold online, and are offered at much lower prices, than at regular stores. One of such online stores is – you can start your searches off of it and you will be pleasantly surprised by the deals this store offers. Find your best 12 volt TV DVD and get the best hiking experience ever!

The majority of electronic devices like laptops, PDAs, digital audio players, cell phones, and fans run easily on a 12V power supply. So now, in order to have video in your car, you don’t have to mount a big screen LCD television on its ceiling.

A 12 volt TV DVD is an excellent solution for replacement of your old television. In fact, you will have more fun during a long trip, like family vacation or touring around the country with friends either with an RV, semi-truck, or a mobile home. This device is perfect for entertainment since you can watch both your favorite shows and movies from DVDs.

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TVs come in a wide range of style, features and screen size and now you have the choice to select the TV according to your own convenience and need like there is LCD TV, CRT TV, 12 Volt TV and 3D TV available. Among all these, 12 volt TV is a bit different from others in feature wise and size. You can not compare it with regular LCD television as it is smaller in size and comes with fewer features. But, you can find 12 volt AC/DC TV in different screen size from 2.5 inches all the way up to 22 inches.

Twelve volt TVs can be easily portable and are best to hook up RV trucks, cars, mobile homes, boats and yachts. They also come with AC adapter, thus you can use them in home as well. When choosing the screen size of your 12 volt TV, there are certain things on which TV’s size will depend. First is the price, bigger the screen size more will be the price like a 7 inch could cost around $100, and a 22 inch could cost around $300 to $350. Second, bigger TV’s will have better specifications. Bigger screens give better resolution and contrast ratios.

If you don’t come across a super high contrast ratio on your purchased 12 volt TV screen, don’t worry because it all depends on the size and you probably won’t see much of a difference. Third, the bigger size of TV’s screen, the more will be space inside the unit thus will allow more features. Things like DVD players, digital tuners, and more input and outputs are pretty much supported with bigger size television. Now it is up to which of these are important to you and compare them to the price you are paying for the unit.

You are planning to spend a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a recreational vehicle (RV) and you have packaged all the amenities for your tour. But what do you have in mind for entertainment, like watching a movie or your favorite show …? This is where a 12 volt TV will satisfy all your entertainment needs while on the move, and it is a perfect choice for a recreational vehicle (RV).

A 12 volt TV is the ideal entertainment solution. In fact, wherever you want to go, you can carry it easily as it is very lightweight and needs very less space to install or mount. These TVs come in different sizes and shape to satisfy just about everyone’s needs. These are so flexible, portable and can be mounted in your vehicle very easily.

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