The POWERQUBE™ is a charging station for portable devices that we recently added to our product lineup and we’re already in love with it. In fact, we even use it for our own personal charging needs. This device lets you charge up to nine devices simultaneously through the use of its three USB ports or six electrical outlets.

The POWERQUBE™ has a great design and is useful when you have to charge a bunch of devices at one time. For example, it can supply power to laptop computers, tablets and phones, as well as a wide range of small electrical appliances. Continue reading

While there is little doubt that the iPhone, iPod, and iPad have all had a tremendous effect upon our lives, Apple still has yet to create a product that is not going to require constant charging. Luckily, there are numerous methods that allow you to keep your Apple product in peak operating condition. If you want to keep your iPhone, iPod or iPad charged with innovative power accessories, there are some unique products currently on the market.

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Here’s a quick tip for taking pictures with your iPhone: Do you sometimes get blurry pictures with your iPhone? Here’s a tip that may help solve your problem.

When taking a picture, press your phone’s volume up (or +) button instead of pressing the virtual button located on your screen. You’ll get a much better picture because when you press the volume up button, the picture is taken immediately upon you pressing down on the button, thus giving you a much cleaner shot. Continue reading

While the iPhone has been designed to withstand normal wear and tear, most users agree that one of the best accessories to use with your smartphone is a good case. The case is designed to prevent scratching, as well as offer protection in the event of accidental drops or even being caught in a rainstorm. Since Apple has created one of the most popular products, the good news for you is that there is a wide range of cases that might appeal to you.

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