You’ve got your awesome new flat panel TV – now it’s time to put it in the perfect spot for the ultimate viewing experience: the wall. Is this the kind of home improvement project you can do yourself? Absolutely, provided you’re comfortable with tasks like hanging framed pictures and mounting shelving. Mounting a flat panel TV is roughly as difficult as those tasks, which aren’t very difficult at all. Are you a pro at using a power drill, measuring tape, screwdrivers, sockets, and ratchets? Even better! Continue reading

A cluttered life is a stressful life. Studies have shown that getting organized not only improves your time-management skills, but it can even significantly boost your mood. Here are some great organization tips we have put together o help you get the most out of your living space. Using some fun and helpful electronic gadgets out on the market today can really improve the look of your home and help you get more organized. Continue reading

At we sell a bunch of 12 volt TVs. In fact, our phones and our chat lines are often ringing off the hook by folks calling to ask about the various features and functions of a 12 volt AC/DC TV. One of the most common questions our valued customers ask are about the accessories that they can purchase along with their TV. We believe that everyone should be an informed customer so we spend a good amount of time going over the best gear to use with your new TV. In this article, we will review these commonly-purchased accessories. These include HDMI cables, over-the-air high definition (HD) antennas, TV mounts, DC cords and extended warranty plans. Read below to learn a little more about each accessory so you can benefit from these products as well.  Continue reading

These days, LED televisions are getting thinner and more beautiful. Some of today’s LED TVs are so nicely designed that they would qualify to be showcased in a museum. When you’ve invested so much of your hard-earned money into such a work of art, you want to make sure you present it as nicely as possible within your home entertainment system. Luckily, these days TV mounts have caught up with modern times and are sporting some contemporary, ultra-sleek designs of their own. Pairing an ultra-slim TV mount with your new LED TV will give a present-day, sleek look to your home entertainment system. Continue reading

If you are more interested in hanging your LCD TV on the ceiling rather than mounting it on the wall, then the fantastic option is lcd ceiling mount. Ceiling mounts have gained great popularity and are majorly used in places like bars, airport, plazas and other public places. But many people have found lcd ceiling mount a good option for their homes as well.

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The Arrowmounts AM-F2504B is a great ultra-slim fixed TV mount for large TVs. It can support TVs up to 180 lbs or flat screen TVs up to about 60 inches. This mount is a super-slim mount thereby giving you that flush look many desire for their LED TVs. With this mount you’ll have the flexibility you need to mount your TV in the perfect location – and at a price that won’t blow the budget. A great choice for LED, LCD or Plasma TVs.

Watch our featured video showcasing the Arrowmounts Fixed Wall Mount for 37 to 60 Inch LED/LCD TVs – Model AM-F2504B Continue reading

Capable of handling a hefty 40 lbs., the Arrowmounts AM-U01B Under-Cabinet TV Mount will keep a wide variety of 10″ to 20″ flat panel TVs neatly tucked away under the kitchen cabinet — and at a price that won’t blow the budget. A great choice for LED or LCD TVs that you want to install in your kitchen, in any room with a cabinet, RV or Boat. With this TV mount, you can watch TV anytime you like and then hide t it under the cabinet allowing for complete access to your counter top.

Watch our featured video showcasing the Arrowmounts Flip Down Ceiling or Under-Cabinet Mount for LED/LCD TV’s 10″-20″ – Model AM-U01B Continue reading

The Arrowmounts AM-P16B is a great full motion retractable articulating TV mount for small TVs. It can support TVs up to 40 lbs, which generally range up to 27 inches. This mount allows for full swivel motion and gives you the flexibility you need to mount your TV in the perfect location — and at a price that won’t blow the budget. A great choice for LED or LCD TVs.

Watch our featured video showcasing the Arrowmounts Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount for LED/LCD TVs up to 27 Inches – Model AM-P16B

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Are you looking for a TV mount or bracket? Do you need help choosing the perfect TV mount for your flat screen TV. We’ll here is our comprehensive guide on TV wall mounts and brackets.

You’ve made an important investment with the purchase of your LED, LCD or plasma TV.  You now want to make sure that you find a compatible mount that offers the features and functions that are important to you. Your goal should be to find a mount that will provide optimal viewing and flexibility for your flat screen TV.  This guide will assist you with finding the perfect wall mount for your flat screen TV.  You will find helpful information about choosing and installing a mount, including important information about the VESA standard and other guidelines.  Continue reading

LCD TV ceiling mounts provides exceptionally strong support for your flat panel TV while maximizing your workstation environment. It makes your TV or monitor to successfully adapt to any environment where a wall or desk mount is not an ideal choice. The best thing about this mounting option is its great flexibility and durability. Once your ceiling mount is installed, you can change the height adjustment of your flat panel monitor to meet your specific needs to get the perfect viewing angle.
These mounts combine the functionality of very durable components to assemble into a superior mounting solution. LCD ceiling mount can be either fixed or movable and they fit well with almost every type of TV brand. This option is very useful and has gained great popularity for mounting lcd screen in bars, clubs, show rooms, restaurants and dental practices or other medical situations.

These are available in different versions that will allow you to adjust your display screen all around up and down, left and right, back and forward. They also come with remote control system, thus make it easy to adjust your television set whenever you want without moving away from your seat.