Connecting Your HDTV – Getting the Most Out of Your Connection

You have your new HDTV right where you want it. Your DVR is ready to roll. Your programming provider knows you’re set up to receive HD signals. Now what? Now it’s time to connect all of these disparate pieces together to create one perfect television watching experience. It’s not as easy as you’d think to get a great picture, with great connections, and a great looking set up. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your HDTV connection.

Embrace HDMI Cables

The right cables can make all the difference. But before you start, inventory your whole system setup and outline everything you’ll need for a complete hook up. HDMI cables are the cables of choice for all high-def sources, and we suggest looking for HDMI 1.4 cables in particular for added functionality. If you want to learn more about HDMI cables, read our blog post, which goes into more detail.  If you’re dealing with video sources without HDMI ports, like older game consoles and your trusty VCR, make sure you’re using high quality connections. The best non-HDMI options, in order of functionality, are DVI, component RGB, S-Video, and composite.

Enhance Your HDMI Experience

Connecting all your high-definition sources using HDMI cables – with converter cables, as necessary – will net you the best picture and sound quality. However, more high def sources can mean a strain on your HDTV’s HDMI ports. An HDMI switching box that supports the latest version of HDMI can ensure you don’t max out your available ports.

Add an Infrared Repeater

You want to enjoy your HDTV, not stare at a busy rack of components. There’s nothing quite like hiding your components away in a cabinet so the beauty and functionality of your television can play center stage. Adding an infrared repeater lets you send signals to your devices via your remote without having to keep your devices front and center.

Get a Universal Remote

Your HDTV is probably part of an overall team of equipment that can include a cable box, DVD or Blu-ray player, DVR, AV receiver, and other media devices – and that means that the number of remotes in your living room can really start to add up. If your HDTV came with a capable universal remote, it can probably be programmed to control your peripherals, but not without some loss of function. Your best bet is to grab a more sophisticated universal remote that is easy to program and easy to use.

Tame Your Wiring

Keep your cables only as long as they need to be for your HDTV set up and you’ve taken the most important step toward not having to deal with a mess of wiring around your entertainment area. Paintable wiring products are one option where wires need to be run along baseboards. Sleeving can reign in some of the cable chaos. Even zip ties can be a temporary solution.

When you’re ready to buy an HDTV set up, visit our televisions page and check out our HDMI cables to see all of the amazing HD options and accessories we have to offer. For Additional Questions, Please e-mail us at: or call toll free at 888.488-2635.


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