Get Your Electronics Organized!

A cluttered life is a stressful life. Studies have shown that getting organized not only improves your time-management skills, but it can even significantly boost your mood. Here are some great organization tips we have put together o help you get the most out of your living space. Using some fun and helpful electronic gadgets out on the market today can really improve the look of your home and help you get more organized.

Hang your flat-screen TV on the wall with a TV wall mount to free up much needed space around your home entertainment center. Consider using a TV/DVD combo. These are great because with both a TV and a DVD player in one unit, you no longer need to store an additional component. To get the best high definition programming possible, consider using an HD over-the-air antenna. Once the TV/DVD combo is securely mounted to the wall, you can consider using an HDMI cable to get the best digital high definition (HD) picture possible.

Now on to cable management. Once you have HDMI cables to connect your devices, you’ll need to keep cord management in mind. Cord coiling is very important in reducing that mess behind your TV. Coiling ensures that you can pack the most cord into the smallest amount of space and still keep things from getting unruly. Cable management is equally as important as it allows you to plug your devices into a surge protector and then stow away the surplus cable. Along the same lines, cable clips are a great multi-purpose tool. They help keep all sizes of cables tidy and untangled.

Now that you have your home theater system organized, you can consider using a digital music docking station as a multi-use tool. A digital music docking station functions as an alarm clock, AM/FM radio and a digital music docking station rolled into one. This product not only plays music but will charge your digital music player or mobile phone while it is docked.

Check out our infographic below. This gives a nice illustration of the various ways you can use the gadgets reviewed in this post to help organize your living space.

How to get--and keep--your electronics organized


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