Getting an Over-the-Air High Definition Picture on Your HDTV

Did you know that you can get a high definition signal on your HDTV, right over the airwaves? Provided you live in an area capable of receiving over-the-air (OTA) broadcast signals, your local stations are broadcasting the appropriate digital signals, and if you have an HDTV with a built-in digital tuner or an HD-ready TV with an external HD receiver, you are set up to receive free high definition signals.

And in all likelihood, you satisfy those conditions. First, most US residents live within range of an OTA broadcast tower – though a few will find that large buildings or terrain interruptions can block the signal. Second, after the country-wide digital transition, all full-power TV stations should be broadcasting in digital and much of the prime time content will be broadcast in HD. Third, all relatively new television sets are capable of receiving HD signals.

Of course, you still need an antenna – and we’re not talking about that old aerial up on the roof. All television sets sold in 2007 and thereafter come with an ATSC tuner and you can sometimes get a signal by simply attaching a thick coaxial cable to the back of the set, but investing in a high quality antenna can mean the difference between watching chunky TV – think dropouts, artifacts, or an infuriating blank screen – and seeing the kind of clear picture that the digital revolution has made possible.

Choosing a digital antenna isn’t as easy as grabbing the first one you encounter while shopping. Digital OTA signals can be finicky… big city buildings can interrupt the signal, as can terrain like hills and mountains. If your closest broadcast tower is not quite close enough, the broadcast you receive may be spotty. The solution is an antenna that’s geared toward your specific needs. Sites like and the FCCs page on antennas can help you understand what kinds of antennas will work best in your area and how to use them so you can enjoy the crispness of high definition TV for free, right over the air.

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