Is That a High Definition Picture On Your HDTV?

Let’s say you are set up with an entertainment center that features the whole shebang. HDTV with an integrated ATSC tuner. An antenna capable of picking up HD signals over the air. And you have all kinds of sweet peripherals ready to feed your TV an amazing high definition picture. Sounds awesome! But are you sure you’re really getting a high def image on your HDTV?

The fact is, just because you’re sitting down in front of an HDTV doesn’t mean you’re actually seeing a high definition picture. What you’re seeing might look pretty good, but the image you’re looking at may not actually be representative of all your TV is capable of.

First, you need to be sure your television set is receiving HD signals. The over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts going to your antenna may not actually be HD, especially when you’re watching programming that falls outside of prime time. There’s nothing you can do about non-high def OTA broadcasting other than signing up for a digital TV service that can deliver the quality of programming your TV was designed to display – and remember that you may need to call your cable or satellite provider to let them know that you want to activate specific HD channels.

Second, consider whether your connection is up to the task of transmitting high def signals to your TV. For this, you need HDMI cables and component cables capable of handling HD. Composite cables aren’t going to cut it if you want to give your television a chance to display the best possible picture quality. There are plenty of other reasons to invest in inexpensive HDMI cables, too, so we always recommend them anyway.

Assuming you’ve both set up your entertainment system to provide HD signals to your TV and you’re either receiving HD broadcasts OTA or you have subscribed to a digital service offering HD programming, you still might not be watching as clear a high definition picture on your HDTV as you could be. If you’re not totally sure that what you’re watching is as crisp as it could be, it’s time to adjust your set’s picture settings.

Your eyes can tell you plenty about the quality of the picture you’re seeing, but an inexpensive setup disc can help you perfect your set’s brightness, contrast, and other settings so you know definitively that the HD video you’re watching is true to life.

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