Protect your iPad screen with a screen protector

When Apple introduced the iPad to the world, there was little doubt that the computer company had just created a tidal wave in the technology sector. Before Apple entered the tablet arena, most of the experts predicted that the general public would never create a demand for a tablet device., the experts were wrong. You’ve got an iPad and you’re wondering if it’s worthwhile to consider protecting your iPad screen with a screen protector. After all, you probably have your iPad inside a case, so do you really need additional protection?

In a word — yes.


You’re well aware that the iPad has been designed to withstand everyday usage wear and tear. After all, it’s made by Apple, and Apple has a long history of making sure that their customers remain satisfied with their products for quite a long time. However, you should be considering protecting your iPad screen with a screen protector because even a well-manufactured tablet such as the iPad can have objects fall onto them when no one expects it. In offices, pens have been known to strike the screen surface, as well as car keys and even the occasional stapler. While these items might not break the screen, they can certainly deliver a scratch to the glass.


You might be protecting your iPad screen with a screen protector if you’re someone who hates seeing fingerprints and smudges on your screen. For the most part, they are not visible when the screen is fully lit, but when there is a great deal of black on the screen, prints and smudges are very visible. Having a screen protector in place makes those irritating surface distractions all but disappear. In turn, this results in having a much more enjoyable experience with your Apple tablet.

Glare Reduction

Nextware Anti-Glare Screen Shield for iPad 2 GLRE-IPAD

Nextware Anti-Glare Screen Shield for the iPad 2

Another reason to consider protecting your iPad screen with a screen protector is if you spend a lot of time doing reading or viewing the iPad in brightly-lit rooms or near windows during the day. The screen protectors available significantly reduce the amount of glare on the screen. This makes overall viewing on the iPad much more enjoyable. Naturally, there will still be some glare evident, but the reduction is significant.

Easy Application

The best part of about protecting your iPad screen with a screen protector is that it has become so simple to install the protector. At one time, there were screen protectors that required you to literally “glue” them to the screen. This often resulted in hideous bubbles and dirt sandwiched between the screen and the protector. Many of the new screen protectors require no glue. This means that if you make a mistake when you’re applying it, you can simply start all over.

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