Stay Entertained With The Right 12 Volt AC/DC Gadgets

Summertime is finally here in our corner of the country and a lot of RV enthusiasts and boat owners are getting ready to head out on the road or on the water. Of course, today’s adventurous person doesn’t just want to feel the wind in their hair – they want to take the comforts of home with them on their summertime excursions. That’s where 12 Volt AC/DC TVs come in. These petite entertainment powerhouses are giving RV fans and boaters a chance to watch their favorite shows and movies anywhere, and RV and boat owners are singing their praises.

LED_TVBut before you rush out and buy a lightweight 12 Volt AC/DC Flat Screen LED TV, take the time to read up on the 12 Volt AC/DC TV accessories you’ll need to stay entertained on the go. There’s nothing worse than gearing up, going out for a relaxing two-day trip, and finding out that your movie night is a bust! Here are our picks for must-have accessories to bundle with the 12 Volt AC/DC TV on your RV or boat:

  •  The new portable 12 Volt AC/DC Flat Screen LED TVs support the new digital ATSC format. That means you can get great programming by antenna – specifically over-the-air HD antennas. As of June 2009, all TV broadcasting has been transmitted digitally so even if you’re not hooked up with satellite service on your RV or boat, an over-the-air high definition antenna can get you high-quality local television programming.
  •  Your hookups, surprisingly, won’t be that different from  your home entertainment hookups. We recommend HDMI cables for their superior ability to transmit super high quality audio and video signals. Plus, on an RV or boat where space is at a premium, having one cable that transmits sound and video is almost a necessity.
  •  The right TV mount is also vital when you’re trying to conserve space and keep electronics secure. 12 Volt AC/DC TV mounts make watching television in your RV or boat safer for your electronics and give you more space to enjoy yourself.
  •  A DC cord with a built-in fuse that protects your 12 Volt TV from any power surges gives you the option of powering your TV using your vehicle’s 12 volt cigarette lighter plug. Of course, when you’re stopped on the road or on the water, using a generator or converter that allows high-power 12V DC items to operate on 110V AC power, is a good idea so consider picking one of those up while you’re at it.

When you’re ready to complete your RV or boat’s entertainment setup, visit our 12 volt AC/DC TV page to see all of the amazing options we have to offer. For Additional Questions, Please e-mail us at: or call toll free at 888.488-2635.


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