When it comes to the basics of TV wall mounting for your flat-screen television, the first thing that you need to understand is that the actual placement of your television is going to have a tremendous impact on your viewing enjoyment. This is the reason that most flat-screens don’t come with a wall mount and require you to purchase the mount separately. The idea is that you’ll do your homework to find out which is the best mount for you.

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When it comes to TV mounts, how you choose to display your flat screen television depends on so many different factors. Your viewing habits may dictate what kind of TV wall mount you choose. For some people, though, looks are the most important factor, and it’s all about how a particular mount will harmonize with the existing décor. If a television will be used as part of a retail or business display, a totally different kind of wall mount may be called for. In the end, it’s up to you, the television’s owner, to decide what kind of mount will provide the best viewing experience, functionality, and profile. But if you’re wondering what other people are buying, we have compiled a list of the five most popular types of TV mounts, as determined by our customers’ buying habits. Continue reading

In this article we present you with a short overview of the top five types of TV wall mounts that our customers tend to purchase for their home theater installation projects. Use this post as a brief introduction to TV wall mounts. There are a few things to consider before choosing a TV wall mount so in this post we attempt to simplify this process by providing detailed explanations of each type of TV mount. Once you’ve reviewed this article, make sure to read our more comprehensive TV mount guide entitled, An Introduction to TV Wall MountsContinue reading

When mounting a flat screen TV to the wall, it is important that the installation is completed properly and with safety in mind. Flat screen TVs, including LED TVs, LCD TVs or Plasma TVs can be mounted to a variety of different wall types including brick, concrete or to dry wall with wooden or metal studs. In a majority of instances, TV mounts are installed on regular dry wall with wooden studs behind them. In those circumstances, it is vital and necessary to mount your TV mount to the wooded studs that sit behind your dry wall. You should never install a TV mount to dry wall alone. Therefore, in this article we offer a few tips on how to find those wooden studs (even though they are hiding behind your dry wall) so you can securely mount your TV. Continue reading

The Arrowmounts AM-F2504B is a great ultra-slim fixed TV mount for large TVs. It can support TVs up to 180 lbs or flat screen TVs up to about 60 inches. This mount is a super-slim mount thereby giving you that flush look many desire for their LED TVs. With this mount you’ll have the flexibility you need to mount your TV in the perfect location – and at a price that won’t blow the budget. A great choice for LED, LCD or Plasma TVs.

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