In this post we are presenting the benefits of a 12-volt dc cord accessory, which has become a very popular portable charging option among our customers who are shopping for a 12-volt AC/DC TV. These cords are great for times when you are traveling and want to use your TV on the road. For example, many RV or boat owners use a DC cord to power their TVs. You simply plug the DC cord into your TV and you’ll be able to power your TV using a cigarette lighter socket. Due to the overwhelming demand for this DC cord, we have produced a video that presents this product in detail.

Watch our product video to learn more.

While most of the 12-volt AC/DC TVs that we sell come equipped with a DC cord inside the box, many customers choose to purchase an additional DC cord just for back-up purposes. Continue reading

Do you own a boat or RV and need to learn more about power inverters. Here is our comprehensive buyer’s guide on how power inverters work. Power inverters are great tools to convert DC power to AC, such as when you want to draw power from your car’s cigarette lighter to power a television for example. There are two general types of power inverters: Modified-sine Wave (Square Wave) Inverters; and True-Sine Wave Inverters. Continue reading