Have you ever wondered what the differences were in TV screen resolutions? Were you left scratching your head when deciding between buying a TV with a 720p resolution verses one with a 1080p resolution? Screen resolution is one of the most important factors you will consider in your search for the perfect high definition HDTV flat screen television. The clarity with which your television displays images is determined by the screen resolution. Televisions with higher screen resolutions are able to display better images with more clarity. In this guide, we will help you choose the perfect HDTV by understanding what TV screen resolution is and why it is an important factor in your buying decision. Continue reading

Are you looking for a high definition HDTV television but are confused about the latest advancements in televisions? The newest, hottest technology in HDTV is the super thin and lightweight LED TV. In this post we aim to explain what LED TVs are and how you can compare them to LCD TVs. Well discuss how LED TVs are different from LCD TVs. We’ll also review some of the benefits of LED vs LCD televisions. Hopefully our explanation below will help you choose the perfect LED TV for your needs.  Continue reading

You can find a number of top-quality AC/DC TV DVD combos on the market. These types are TVs are space saving and great for RVs, mobile homes, trucks, dorms, bedrooms, kitchens, boats as well as many other purposes. A portable 12 volt TV (AC DC TV) or portable flat screen tv is a great option for the house and when you’re on the move. Bundlecity.com offers a wide variety of 12 volt LED TVs and 12 Volt LCD TVs. We also offer 12 volt TV DVD LED combos. Our portable 12 volt AC DC TVs support the new digital ATSC format. We carry dc-powered televisions from top AC DC TV brands like SupersonicNaxa, iSymphony, Skyworth and iView. While on our site, you’ll find HDTV color TVs, multiple TV LCD and LED 12 volt screen sizes and optional built-in rechargeable battery.

Watch our featured videos showcasing some of the 12 Volt AC DC TVs on the market:

13 Inch 12 Volt AC/DC 1080i HDTV LCD DVD Combo with ATSC Digital TV Tuner

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