The Difference Between an LCD TV and LED TV?

Technology has made some incredible advances in the field of televisions, and more people than ever before are looking to purchase the latest televisions. However, with all the different models available, it’s possible that you might be confused as to the difference between an LCD TV and LED TV.

LCD Television

Bundlecity LCD TVThe liquid crystal display is not illuminated on its own. It requires illumination from an outside source. In most cases, with an LCD television, the outside source is a cold cathode fluorescent light. A gas inside the tube produces the light, which then illuminates the images on the screen.

LED Television

In LED television technology, the light needed comes from light-emitting diodes. This requires less energy, has a sharper image, and is also more costly than a standard LCD television.


Right now, LED TVs tend to be more expensive than LCD TVs. Granted, the prices are dropping on a regular basis, but for the most part, you’ll find that getting a mid-sized to large-sized LED television is going to set you back more than getting a similar sized LCD TV. In fact, most of the budget models of large-screen televisions are LCD TVs. When it comes to pricing, the difference between an LCD TV and LED TV? The LCD TV will usually be less expensive.

Picture Quality

amazing HD TV imageThe most important aspect of watching your television is making sure that you have a good image. When comparing LCD TVs to LED TVs, many experts now agree that the LED TVs produce superior images. This is because LCD TVs tend to produce “bleeding” when there is a lot of “white space” on the screen, and when there is a lot of darkness, images get swallowed by the darkness. This is due to the way that light is projected onto the screen. LEDs offer a sharper and crisper viewing experience. When looking at picture quality, the difference between an LCD TV and LED TV? Simple — LEDs deliver a better picture quality than the LCD TVs on the market.


When it comes to wall mounting, the LED TVs can’t be beat. The LCD TVs that are on the market are simply too bulky and too large to mount on a wall. On the other hand, you might consider setting an LCD TV into built-in entertainment center in your house, allowing the appearance of a much sleeker television.

Overall Quality

For most people, the LED television is going to be the best option when it comes to picture quality and design, as well as wall mounting capability. For those who are budget-minded, though, the LCD TV is a decent choice, and while the picture might not be as sharp as with an LED TV, it is still extremely impressive.

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