The DirecTV Genie and Cable’s Advanced TV Plus

For many people who are comparing cable and satellite television providers, their decision to sign up with a company is often influenced by the company’s home DVR offering. Most companies have similar packages, and prices are always competitive. As people have become accustomed to the convenience a home DVR system offers, this criterion has become more important. For those currently comparing television providers looking through the many DirectTV deals online and Cable bundles shown on TV, here is a comparison of DirectTV’s Genie and cable’s Advanced TV Plus.

The DirecTV Genie and Cable’s Advanced TV Plus

DirectTV’s Genie and cable’s Advanced TV Plus are currently the most advanced home DVR systems on the market. As with any DVR system, they record shows to watch later and start shows after they have already begun. Both are fully compatible with HD technology and can record in HD. These are both very good systems. Wading through the details of each, however, shows some advertising claims that are not too significant, as well as some differences that make each system distinct from the other.

Recording Shows

The first claim any advertisement for a DVR system makes tends to include two points. It states that the system can record multiple shows at once, as well as how much storage space there is for shows. Both Genie and Advanced TV Plus are able to record multiple shows at once, and both claim to have “three times the storage space” of standard DVRs. The Genie is able to record up to five shows simultaneously, and has a 1 TB hard drive. This is enough space to store 800 hours of HD recording or 2000 hours of standard recording. Advanced TV Plus has similar specifications.

There may be minor differences between DirecTV’s Genie and Advanced TV Plus’ recording specifications, but these should hardly be a deciding factor. In fact, a new Genie (model HR44) has been revealed, but there is not a release date yet. This new model will likely be able to record even more shows, but one must ask if the benefits really make a difference. Anyone who has 800 hours of HD television recorded likely also has a large collection of Blu-rays, or a subscription to a movie rental site and videos on their computer. A difference of half an hour in storage capacity or being able to record one less show will rarely be significant.

Personal Recommendations

Both Genie and Advanced TV Plus make personal recommendations for users, similar to how Netflix recommends films. Advanced TV Plus, however, is slightly more specific in its recommendations than Genie. Advanced TV Plus provides personal recommendations for up to eight users, while Genie does not have as many profiles.


Genie boasts that users do not need a box connected to every television. Not having a black box in every room is nice, and it is something Advanced TV Plus does not offer. To use televisions without a box, though, requires a C31Client or an RVU-enabled television or device. Older televisions might not have this equipment and need a box.

Ultimately, the decision between Genie and Advanced TV Plus must be made on a case-by-case basis. Both are excellent systems that television viewers would have loved to have a decade ago. There are a few minor differences, but users will be happy with either system.

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