Use A 12 Volt DC Cord To Power Your TV While Traveling

In this post we are presenting the benefits of a 12-volt dc cord accessory, which has become a very popular portable charging option among our customers who are shopping for a 12-volt AC/DC TV. These cords are great for times when you are traveling and want to use your TV on the road. For example, many RV or boat owners use a DC cord to power their TVs. You simply plug the DC cord into your TV and you’ll be able to power your TV using a cigarette lighter socket. Due to the overwhelming demand for this DC cord, we have produced a video that presents this product in detail.

Watch our product video to learn more.

While most of the 12-volt AC/DC TVs that we sell come equipped with a DC cord inside the box, many customers choose to purchase an additional DC cord just for back-up purposes. We carry two types of 12-volt DC cords, the only difference between them being the type of connector each cord uses to plug into your TV. The first type uses a universal, single socket adaptor while the second type of cord uses a 3-pin connector to attach to your TV. Check the back of your TV to see which type of connector will work with your TV.

dc_cordWhen purchasing a DC cord, make sure you buy one that comes with a built-in fuse in order to protect your TV from any power surges. The ones we sell all come with a built-in fuse. While these fuses do a great job protecting your TV, they do burn out once in a while. To replace the fuse, simply unscrew and remove the silver head of the DC cord. Once you remove it you should be able to see the fuse. Remove the old fuse and replace it with a newer fuse. Replacing a fuse should solve most issues with a DC cord. It’s pretty easy to find a replacement fuse at your local hardware store.

To connect the DC cord to your TV, simply match the connector at the end of the DC cord to your TV’s power input. Plug the DC cord into your TV and plug the other end into your cigarette lighter socket. The DC cord is around 56 inches so you get a lot of flexibility in placing your TV once it is plugged into your cigarette lighter socket.

This concludes our review of the 12-volt dc cord accessory. When you’re ready to buy a 12 volt DC cord, visit our TV accessories page to see all of the great options we make available for you. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us at: or call toll free at 888.488-2635.


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