Use iPhone’s Volume Up Button to Get Better Images

Here’s a quick tip for taking pictures with your iPhone: Do you sometimes get blurry pictures with your iPhone? Here’s a tip that may help solve your problem.

When taking a picture, press your phone’s volume up (or +) button instead of pressing the virtual button located on your screen. You’ll get a much better picture because when you press the volume up button, the picture is taken immediately upon you pressing down on the button, thus giving you a much cleaner shot.

The reason you sometimes get a blurry picture with the virtual button is because the camera takes the picture only when you take your finger off the virtual button. This can cause the camera to shake slightly resulting in a blurry picture.

Did you find this tip helpful? If so, tell us if you’ve tried this out and noticed an improvement in your picture quality. Also, let us know if you’ve found any good iPhone accessories that helped improve your picture quality.


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