What are LED TVs: The Most Important Things to Know

If you’ve been looking at getting a new television set, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is talking about LED TVs. This might have led you to wonder, “What are LED TVs?”

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At one time, these marvels of modern technology were only available to those who hung up with the Scrooge McDuck set, but times have changed. LED TVs are now accessible to just about anyone.

Before you go running out and getting an LED TV, there are some things that you should know about this current technology. While there are a number of benefits to having an LED TV, there are still some drawbacks, as well.


When you watch television, you want to experience the best possible picture. The new LED TVs offer some of the most vivid viewing experiences, since colors are more vivid, and blacks are actually darker. What are LED TVs most known for? Simple — vivid screen images.

Viewing Angles

However, as with many other flat-screen televisions, LED TVs still suffer from reduced viewing enjoyment at extreme angles. Watching a program from either side or from higher or lower than the television greatly reduces image quality.

Energy Efficiency

LED TVs are extremely energy efficient, using less power than other flat-screen televisions on the market.

Environmentally Friendly

More and more people are looking at environmental consequences when buying electronics. Many electronics use mercury in the production of their products, but LED TVs contain no mercury.


While very expensive at one time, recent advances in current technology have made the cost of LED TVs drop drastically. Every month, you can see prices get lower and lower. For the same price that you would spend on any other kind of television set, you can get an LED TV that has an incredible number of features.

Picture Quality

amazing HD TV image

Amazing image quality

Although there are some who might say that LED TVs fail to produce as sharp an image as that of a plasma TV, most people find the picture quality of an LED TV to be absolutely astounding. However, just because a television is LED does not automatically mean it has the best image. It actually depends upon the needs and wants of the individual.

Slim Factor

Besides incredible image, what are LED TVs known for? Obviously, they are known for their incredibly thin design. There’s no doubt that LED TVs are among the slimmest available, with edge-lit LED TVs being the sleekest on the market. With an edge-lit LED TV, the light is actually spread across the screen by selective placement of LEDs along the edge of the television.


Due to the reduced energy needs of the LED TV, they actually last longer than standard LCDs and plasma TVs.


When it comes to making sure that you have the best picture, you need to ensure that you have the right settings. You can find the settings either online or by asking advice from a professional.

Local Dimming

By using local dimming techniques, LED TVs are able to produce the darkest blacks possible. This creates a viewing experience unmatched by any other kind of television.

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