What else to consider while buying 12 volt tv dvd combo

Thinking about to buy 12 Volt TV, then understandably you will not make any mistake choosing the right product according to your needs and preferences. However, the 12 Volt TV DVD COMBO you are going to buy for your specific purpose, you’ll need a few more things to get the best out of your new purchase.

First thing is, if you have an HDTV then ensure that you get HDMI cables. And while buying the hdmi cables, it does not make sense you overpay for these. Many retailers sell them around 50 dollars but you can find them on many online stores for 7-10 dollars. Other thing you need to know is that most of 12 volt TVs come with dvd combo. So, if you want a dvd player with your Tv, then you can opt for 12 volt tv dvd combo rather than investing separately on 12V Tv and DVD player.

Next, if your 12V tv is wall mountable, then ensure that you buy the proper wall mount. You can check the specifications on your TV to find the right Tv mount that fits well. Many wall mounts are stationary but if you need something more flexible you can look into many swivel neck wall mounts.

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