What Is A 12 Volt AC/DC Flat Screen LED TV?

Have you ever wished you could watch your favorite shows on the go? Then even if you didn’t know it, what you were wishing for was a 12 Volt AC/DC Flat Screen LED TV. These portable TVs are one of the hottest entertainment commodities for trucks, vans, RVs, and boats, where space is at a premium. That doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing picture quality, however. A 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TV will give you all of the sharpness you expect from an LED TV – just in a smaller, compact package that lets you take your entertainment on the road.

tv_dvd_comboThe new portable 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TVs support the new digital ATSC format. That means you can get great programming by antenna. For the movie lovers, there are 12 Volt Flat Screen DVD combos that make enjoying your favorite movies easier than ever. And they’re energy efficient, running on much less power than the televisions in most people’s living rooms. The good thing about these TVs are that they can be plugged into a regular AC outlet or in your vehicles’ DC plug.

But of course, 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TVs aren’t just for travel. The space saving benefits of this type of television make it perfect for dorm rooms, where square footage is at a premium. You can mount a 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TV under your kitchen cabinets so you can follow along with the Food Network. Television in the bathroom? Why not! Anywhere that space is a consideration, a 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TV will usually fit – smaller bedrooms, compact camping caravans, and anywhere else you might need to conserve space.

am-p16bMounting a lightweight 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TV is simple and easy for those individuals who would prefer to do such work themselves. Many of these space-saving televisions come with a kick plate on the back that allows for tabletop usage, but with the additional purchase of a quality TV mounting bracket, a 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TV can be placed anywhere you want it to go in your RV, boat, camping caravan, automobile, or home. No matter where you want to watch your favorite shows and movies, a 12 Volt AC DC Flat Screen LED TV can put you in front of the action.

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